The Genesis of Species

by George Mivart

I am proud to present the entire text of this remarkable book. I hope it will be widely read, and I hope thereby Mivart will attain his proper place in history next to Charles Darwin. The conversion to text from the scans was completed in April of 2004. I would be grateful if you would inform me of any errors.

-Carl Resler

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  The Entire Book 4.4 MB  

Table of Contents


Chap 1 Introductory


Chap 2 The Incompetency of "Natural Selection" to Account for the Incipient Stages of Useful Structures

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Chap 3 The Coexistence of Closely-Similar Structures of Diverse Origin


Chap 4 Minute and Gradual Modifications


Chap 5 As to Specific Stability


Chap 6 Species and Time

  Chap 7 Species and Space
  Chap 8 Homologies
  Chap 9 Evolution and Ethics
  Chap 10 Pangenesis
  Chap 11 Specific Genesis
  Chap 12 Theology and Evolution

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